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What is Indian/Remy/Cuticle Hair

Real Remy hair is the highest-grade human hair available and comes from one individual. Virgin hair has not been chemically processed in any way. The hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern. The hair is then cut to maintain the natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are virtually eliminated.

This gorgeous hair has not been mixed with synthetic hair or hair from different origins.
There's no shedding, or tangling due to the fixed weft pattern which enables the Pure Indian Virgin Hair to LAST OVER A YEAR when properly maintained with care. This beautiful texture can be worn in several versatile hair styles from naturally curly to straight.

Virgin hair is Remy hair that has not been chemically processed.

Indian Remy hair extensions naturally match hair types from Caucasian to African American giving you a more natural look. It is equally important to use high quality Indian hair for your extensions to achieve the look you desire.

Hair is only available in the colors of the donor who grew the hair.   The hair is pure and natural for you or you stylist to color.  Colors are natural black that's shades darkest to sunkist brown.

Temple hair originates in India where Hindu women, who have grown their hair for many years, will offer their hair to the Gods for thanks or well wishes being bestowed upon them and their families.

Temple hair is removed from the head during a religious ceremony. Because Temple hair is taken from many Hindu women, the Temples have learned to recognize the quality of the hair and sort it accordingly.

It is a world wide known fact that Indian hair is the best hair available because it is not as thick as Chinese hair, is thinner then European hair and when treated is less likely to break or snap.

Often an Indian woman is not in a position to attend a salon or chemically wash her hair. Often washing is simply rinsing it through water, and that water is not pure clean water. The hair is protected by material and is known to be in its most natural state.

Indian hair that has never been chemically treated is known as Remy hair, or more descriptive it is virgin hair. All of the cuticles lay in the same direction and the hair is kept in its most natural state.

Using Remy hair in extensions means that the best hair available is used and due to this the price of hair extensions can be quite costly. The high cost of hair extensions can be offset knowing that the hair itself will last a very long time, will maintain its pristine structure and can be treated just as any other type of hair.

If your considering hair extensions to add body to your hair, to replace thinning hair or you are having strong medical treatment, then consider Remy hair extensions of the highest quality to ensure you have a long lasting natural and easy to manage look.

Due to the popularity and the suitability of Indian hair, the Temples are making a lot of money selling the hair to western businesses who deal in hair extensions.

Remy Temple hair is without doubt the highest quality of hair available for hair extensions. What makes Remy hair is the fact that the strands have never been chemically treated.

Often an Indian woman is not in a position to attend a salon or chemically wash her hair. Often washing is simply rinsing it through water, and that water is not pure clean water. The hair is

Indian hair is the best hair in the world for hair extensions. In India, women do not have access or the means to have their hair treated or conditioned and use other means at their disposal.

 A life where hair is washed less often and often when it is washed, just rinsed using water, sometimes not that clean water. The hair is covered often in dirt and protected by material wrapped around the hair.

Indian women will grow their hair for years and years, often without applying any chemical treatment whatsoever. This is known as virgin hair, hair in its most natural state that has never had any chemical treatment application to the strands. Often the hair has the cuticles all lying in the same direction and is pristine in condition.

Temple hair is when the Indian women will attend their temple and offer their hair for thanks or purification for their lives and well wishes to families.  The Temple holy person will cut the hair as part of a religous ceremony.

With Remy hair, hair in its virgin state, the finest and best hair known in the world, is often sold overseas for the use of hair extensions for western women. Temple hair is in high demand based upon the fact that Temple hair is often virgin Remy hair.

Indian Temple’s make a lot of money from selling the hair from religous ceremonies and no one can begrudge them of this, due to the upkeep of the Temples and the services they provide to Indian people and the local communities.

When it comes to wearing hair extensions, some women might not like this idea, but other women, through necessity, need to utilise the services of the hair salon to fit the hair extension in place.

Woman who suffer illness, premature thinning of the hair or the result of harsh medical treatment, such as cancer treatments, often turn to hair extensions to maintain their beauty and to feel like a woman during stressful times.

Because Remy hair, or more importantly Temple hair, is of the highest quality, you will find the cost of adding hair extensions to be quite high. The high cost can be offset by knowing that this type of hair extension will be in its most natural state, it is a thicker strand and will last for a very long time.